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Cards of Magi • 2017 rpg

Asix Jin •

Deck of Cards (No Jokers)
One d12 die

Players win by getting opponent down to zero points

-Players start  with 100 points and five cards

-Decide first move with players rolling the die with the lower roll going first

-A turn consist of one of the following actions:
     *Attack: Discard one non-face card from your hand to determine damage value. Defender rolls a die and if the roll is an 11, 12, or the damage value they avoid losing points.

     *Magic: Discard a face card to group non-face cards from your hand as long as they follow the face card’s grouping rules. Defender rolls once for each card to cancel it out by rolling within one digit of the value. Add values of remaining cards to get damage.
          **Grouping Rules
           	 Jack: same suit as jack
           	 Queen: same color as queen
           	 King: any card

     *Focus: Shuffle any number of cards into the deck and draw the same amount. Gain three   points for Face cards or one point for non-face cards discarded.

-After an action end your turn by restoring your hand to five cards.

-If the deck runs out, shuffle and use the discard pile

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