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Hello - The Game • 2017 rpg

Mikael • no link

Have you ever been confused about how to greet someone? This is a game about that.
Before we start there are some things to decide:
Are you Social/shy?(Each player pick one)
Decide what the social context is. At a gamecon maybe?
Each one of you roll 1d6 – if you’re social add +1 to result (hidden from the other player)

1: You avoid any approach at a physical greeting.
2 : Handshake.
3: Half Hug - A quick wrap, lightly touching your partner where your arms only go halfway around.
4: Friendly hug - Put your arms lightly around your partner's shoulders and give a gentle squeeze.
5: Bear hug - Pull your partner in really close, put your arms completely around them, and squeeze tight.
6: Kiss on cheek (as many as you want, but decide before).
1.       The Social character goes first. Describe the budding signs of the gesture you're about to make.
2.       The shy character can now +/- 1 to die result. Describe how that looks.
3.       Play out the rest of the hug from each player's perspective (include inner monologue).
4.       Start the ensuing conversation and keep going until you think your done.

Author Comments

Made it at Fastaval (GameCon in Denmark) based on confusing greeting incidents and the following conversation about cultural/individual differences in how we greet people

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