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Expedition 13 • 2017 rpg

J S R Varma • @jamesopinions

“Expedition 13, this is Mission Control, reading multiple errors. Please advise.”
You are astronauts on the international space station, but something has gone terribly wrong. All that matters now; Surviving.

1 D20 per player
4 shots of alcohol per player 
Spare alcohol.
1 Designated Driver AKA Mission Control

Mission Control’s word is law. 
Mission Control decides roll targets.
Mission control knows everything wrong with the station and can advise you on fixing it.
When players take physical or psychological damage they drink a shot.
If at any point the station loses atmosphere all players in the effected vicinity take a shot. 
Refill a glass after successfully performing first aid.
When a player has no shots left they are dead.
Only the pilot can fly the escape shuttle.
Mission Specialists have one specialisation that gives them advantages in certain rolls (e.g. engineer will be better at hardware repair).

Each player takes 4 shots and a D20.
Choose 1 player to be the pilot. Everyone else is a ‘Mission specialists’, agree with Mission control what your specialisation is.
Mission Control explains the players situation and then they begin.

Fix the station or get back to earth alive.

Author Comments

I looked at a lot of the winners from the last years and really enjoyed the ideas that used more than simple dice. Time Travel Thaw and All fall down in particular. We played them ourselves and found them really refreshing compared to the standard dice rolling fan fair. I wanted to do something similar using something every day (or at least more every day than a dice) as a major aspect of the game. That’s when the idea for using shots of alcohol to simulate the conditions of being injured or lack of oxygen on a space station came to me. I wrote it out at about 2,000 pages initially and then spent a week cutting it down. The hardest part was removing the fluff. I like Fluff. A lot.

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