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Final Testament • 2017 rpg

Josh Fox (Rabalias) •

3-5 players. You play ordinary people, who are friends.

Shuffle a card deck (minus face cards).


Character objectives:
*Be open about their life and emotions
*Entangle the characters socially and emotionally
*Reveal tiny unexplained Enigmas in their lives (record these)

Draw a card each. Go in order of face value, lowest first, to:
*Frame a scene where something happens to develop or transform your relationship with another character
*Draw two cards, discard one


When your hand hits 13+, die.

Take turns to describe the funeral, a sentence at a time.


The deceased becomes GM.

The GM’s objectives:
*Create a compelling, frightening conspiracy
*Make it threaten the characters
*Weave the Enigmas in

Start the clock at zero. The GM frames scenes and advances the clock if, in a scene:
*The characters work to resolve an Enigma
*The characters show fear 

When the clock reaches 13, the characters secretly choose one of the following:
*Go into hiding forever
*Risk death to crack the conspiracy
*Betray the others

GM: frame a final scene where the conspiracy is fully revealed.

If anyone betrayed, those who risked death are screwed. Describe what happens.

Anyone who survives narrates a short epilogue for themselves.

Author Comments

Years ago, my partner and I had an idea for a pervasive LARP centred around the last will and testament of some NPC, in which strange clues would be seeded in hidden places, ultimately pointing to some conspiracy.

We didn’t get past the concept stage, and perhaps it was too ambitious anyway, but this is my little tribute to that idea.

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