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Catalyst of Annihilation • 2017 rpg

Rach Shelkey • http://www.teddog.com

Two acquaintances stumble into each other through pure coincidence. The world is doomed because of this chance encounter.

Describe who the characters are and how they know each other. Discuss tone and setting (mythic, mundane, supernatural, military, sci-fi, etc).  

One starts as the Asker. The other starts as the Answerer. 

Asker, ask a leading or prying question starting with Who, What, Where, When, Why, or How.  

Answerer, pick a response from the list below and flesh out the past, present or future as directed. Then, start a new round as the Asker.  

Refuse to answer the question. It reminds you of a past failure. Flashback to a past frustration that brought you here. 

Lie or stall. Something in the present is more pressing. Describe a change in the immediate scene.

Describe a scene at the end of the world. Include the corresponding prompt’s detail from the table below. Then, answer the question in the present. Cross off the question’s prompt. 

Prompt...      Detail
Who...         Concluding regret.  
What...        Desecrated touchstone.   
Where...       Profane bodies. 
When...        Devoured hope.
Why...         Gnawing void.
How...         Cataclysmic instrument.

The game ends when all prompts are spent and the world’s fate is sealed. 

Author Comments

This game was inspired by narratives that “telegraph” their tragic endings; stories where the plot is foreshadowed in a simple conversation or scene at the beginning.

The play Butcher and the Heaven’s Feel route of the visual novel Fate/Stay Night were the most direct influences on this game. I’m sure readers can think of countless other examples!

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