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Asylum • 2017 rpg

Lucas Hald • no link

You are a patient in Helgrim’s Home for the Criminally Insane. Your goal is to escape before Dr. Helgrim and his eight-legged orderlies can feed on you.
Your Sanity starts at 10. To interact with the Supernatural, such as casting a spell or banishing the demon Nurse Lilith back to her nest on the sixth floor, Overcome your Sanity by rolling above it on a 20 sided die. If you succeed, reduce your Sanity by 1.
To interact with the Mundane, such as picking the lock to your cell or convincing a fellow patient to give you his map, Test your Sanity by rolling below it. If you succeed, increase your Sanity by 1.
If you fail a roll, something happens to complicate your escape. Dr. Helgrim and his orderlies are after you!
The game ends if you escape the asylum or:
If your Sanity reaches 20: You’re “cured.” You can no longer interact with the Supernatural, but you'll never forget the things you saw.
If your Sanity reaches 1: You become enlightened. You can no longer interact with the Mundane, but you'll never forget where you came from.

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