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Strange Wallets • 2017 rpg

Zac Finkenstein • @ZacFinkenstein on Twitter

Through ill chance you all have become separated from the Strange City Tour Group. You must now find the way back to your Hotel using only the contents of your wallets.

Players place their wallets on the table.

Oldest player chooses a card from her wallet.

The Player narrates an event based on the type of Card played.


Membership  – Visit a Strange location.

Business – Meet a Strange person.

Credit/ATM/Gift – A problem arises. A price is paid.

Driver’s License – Board a Strange Vehicle.

Library  – Strange Knowledge is gained

Insurance/Medical/Pharmacy – Physical Danger! (On Failure discard 2 cards)

The Player then flips the card in the air (it must turn over at least once in the air to count). Face Up is Success. Face down is Failure. The card is put in the Failure or Success pile.

The Player narrates that result.

Play passes clockwise.

One Successful card of each type or 10 Successes total and the group reaches Strange City Hotel alive!

Once the Failure pile reaches 6 each time a card fails Strange City eats that card’s owner. 

If a player runs out of cards, Strange City eats them.

Author Comments

This is a bit of a rough, quick, last minute idea, but after not having had time to come up with an entry last year and then only seeing the contest with 2 days to go this year, I really wanted to just get something together and at least be able to say I took a swing at it and had fun doing it.

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