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Courrier • 2017 rpg

Cedric Plante • http://chaudronchromatique.blogspot.ca/

You start with two branded technological EDGES, describe them.  

PLAYER 01, your courrier have to deliver a PACKAGE to a UNKNOWN FACTION.
OTHERS: you are sending INTERCEPTORS to steal the package. 

All players start with one MOMENTUM die (d6).
>When rolling multiple dice, take the highest and keep the rest in reserve. 
>At anytime you can use your reserve to replace a destroyed die. 

COURRIER, roll your momentum and describe the result:
>High roll: moving forward fast!
>Low roll: laying low 
>Rolling 1: describe new edge

INTERCEPTORS roll your momentum:  
>High roll: getting close fast!
>Low roll: investigating 
>Rolling 1: describe new edge
>Tying a interceptor die: intercept each other!   

Starting with the courrier, burn one edge to:
>Reroll any untied die. 
>Destroy 1 die tied to your die (1 edge to counter)

End of turn
>Interceptors ties cancel each other.
>Highest die: +1 momentum die!
>Courrier tying with a interceptor: both can gain momentum. 
>At momentum 4+: deliver the package if you have the highest momentum.
>Players with 0 momentum refresh 1 die. 

>Reveal the nature of the recipient faction. 
>As the recipient faction: hire a new player to be the next courrier.  

Author Comments

This was very hard!

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