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Cross the Floor • 2017 rpg

J Li • vermillion.games

Two players.  

Long ago, you were close beyond ordinary love or friendship.  Then you betrayed one another.  

Decide together:  
- Where were you then?
- What did you share?
- What did each person do wrong?

Decide alone in secret:
- Why was this of all actions a great betrayal?
- What different life do you have now?

You have not seen one another since, until this moment.  It doesn’t matter where you are or what brought you here.

Decide together:
- How long has it been?
- What is different about the world these days?

Decide alone in secret:
- Why do you have nothing to lose?

Stand at the opposite ends of a large room.  

Make eye contact.  

It begins.

Walk slowly toward one another at the correct pace.

When you meet, at the right moment, raise your hand before you in a fist.

Make eye contact, take one breath together.  Release it.

Then open your hands.  Palm up means you choose to forgive them.  Palm down means you choose to kill them.

Look upon the result.

In a few gestures, act out what happens.  

Then hold your final positions until it is time to let go.


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