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Cops • 2017 rpg

Jonny Garcia • https://jonnyggarcia.wordpress.com

You are a police officer who work on the streets. You fight the crime: violence, burglary, murder, drugs, etc. You always work with a partner(another player). If there an even number of players, than one player is working undercover.
One player is the Crimelord, which is going to throw shit at the characters’ lives. Under charged situations they can ask for a roll to see if players succeed. Players start with 3d6, and need 4 or higher on 2 dice. If players fail, they can turn it into a success by adding stress dice (3 minus total of success; use a different colour dice). When partners work together, both receive an extra dice.
Success granted by stress dice or when players add them allow the Crimelord to create a complication. The more stress dice, the tougher is the complication.
Each player has one trait. They need to choose one word that describe something their character is good at. When the trait applies they have an extra die.
Remove 1 stress dice at the begging of each session and when players do something to relax. The Crimelord can remove a stress dice to throw a complication anytime.

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