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FALLEN STARS • 2017 rpg

Toby Sennett • no link


2-4 players, 1 GM, deck of 52 cards

Your Empress has been killed and the Empire seized by traitors. As her Avatars, greater than mortals, you must deliver vengeance upon the Usurper. Each player selects a unique Virtue:

Glory (Clubs)
Honour (Spades)
Justice (Diamonds)
Passion (Hearts)

Each player draws six cards then discards two. Players’ cards are kept private. 

Play takes place in four phases.

During the Raid phase players will strike to gather intelligence and material. During the Retaliation phase the traitors strike back. Players then Rally their own forces and commit them to the Revenge against the Arch-Traitor.

The GM establishes a scene. Each player describes their actions, placing one card from their hand face down. The GM then draws one card face up to indicate the opposition. 

Players reveal their cards, then describe the outcomes of their actions in order of lowest value card to highest. A player with a higher card than the opposition has succeeded. A player succeeds on a tie if their card matches their Virtue. 

Begin the next phase when all actions are resolved. 

Play to discover the cost of revenge.


47 Ronin
House of the Dying Sun
Lady Snowblood

Author Comments

Thanks to Jaye Foster, Russell Tripp and Ivan Lanìa for your support, and special thanks to Mischa Krilov and Jennifer Kitzman for your feedback.

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