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Captain's Table • 2017 rpg

Gem Newman •

You are a sea/sky/starship captain at a dockside tavern.

Starting RESOURCES: three SKILLS, three SCARS, no SUPPLIES.

Each captain shares their story. Who (or what) are you? How did you become captain?

In turn, swap tales. Roll 2D6 against the captain to your left. Winner names a tale of your adventures: strange folk, dangerous creatures, hidden places. Loser chooses:

    FOLK: dynamic discoveries or fearsome foes
    CREATURES: fearsome foes or terrible treasures
    PLACES: terrible treasures or dynamic discoveries

Tell the tale together. Others prompt: "Is it true that...?"

For your tale of:

    FOES: +1 SCAR

Continue until a captain says, "...and that's how I wound up here," gaining +1 RESOURCE. Other captains each tell another tale.

Recite your SKILLS, SCARS, and SUPPLIES.

Someone calls you a liar. A brawl looms.

Secretly select one ally, then reveal. Allies pool resources and act as one. If chosen captain doesn't reciprocate, take +2 SCARS and you are WOUNDED.

In turn, pick another captain to attack, rolling 2D6 <= SKILL. Hit captains roll 2D6 <= SCARS or are WOUNDED; if WOUNDED again, they DIE. Consuming a SUPPLY allows rerolling.

Those killed describe their fates. Winner tells tale of triumph.

Author Comments

The seed of this idea began with exploring a strange galaxy, meeting new people, gaining new insights, and discovering weird technology, in a collaborative storytelling environment. I realised that the few mechanics I could fit into the word limit could be more broadly applied (though I wonder if a narrower scope would be helpful to new players).

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