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The Trust • 2017 rpg

Dave Proctor •

Three players are Corporations. Describe their names and industries.
One player is The People. Describe their land, their culture.

Corporations commission a factory (a square of paper). Describe its product.
Roll a d20 for factory OUTPUT.
Roll a d20 for factory COST.
Output minus cost equals NET. Write these on your factory. (Net can be negative).

Players take turns. The People go last.

Each turn, Corporations can:

- Commission or close one factory
- Change a factory’s OUTPUT or COST by 1
- Steal a factory by grabbing it and increasing its COST. The robbed Corporation can grab it back, increasing COST again. This continues until someone gives up. Each increase is final and immediate. 

Narrate your actions. Be proud. Be profitable.

The People can:

- Make a request of any or all Corporations (ask for change in a factory’s COST or OUTPUT, beg to close or not close a factory). Corporations address (or ignore) these requests immediately.
- Take action against one Corporation (Destroy a factory, transfer a factory to another Corporation). These can’t be stopped. 

Narrate your actions. Be convincing. Be vengeful.

Add each Corporation’s NET across all factories for a score. 

Highest score after four turns becomes The People.

Author Comments

Thank you very much to Trevor Patricelli and Unai Cabezon for their input. I look forward to reading everyone’s comments. Thanks for your consideration!

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