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Situations & Explanations • 2017 rpg

Damien Crawford •

Each player has a Player deck of 20 cards. They write one word on each. Each must: be a noun or verb, cannot be something overly ambiguous, and none can be synonyms or duplicates.

Each Player must also create 5-10 of each of the following: a Setting (a one word place like Dungeon, City), an Encounter (one adjective and noun; like Spiked Pit, Upset In-Law) and a Modifier that prevents certain cards from working (an adjective with explanation such as Angry (no Social cards), Disarmed (no items)). These are set into a pile for each that all players put theirs into.

Players shuffle their Player deck and draw 4 cards. Determine a Scene with one card from the Setting, Encounter, and Modifier decks. Each Player uses cards and explains how they’re used to get them through the Scene. Players can use their own cards to help others, and Players unable to pass a Scene are left behind. Used cards disappear. After a Scene is over, Players draw until they are up to 4 cards, and a new Scene is started.

Play continues until either there are no more Scenes (Victory!), or the players can do nothing more (Defeat).

Author Comments

Had to get rid of a couple examples and rule details to fit the count, so I hope it’s clear enough. If anyone else submitting sees this, best of luck to you!

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