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Znaroks Rocks • 2017 rpg

Gints Halcejs •

The players are 1 hockey coach and a number of hockey players. The coach must explain a game plan, but can only use pronouns, relative directions, conjunctions, numbers, prepositions and words based on the following list: Piss,
Fuck, Shit, Cunt, Dick, Ass, Tits, Balls, Imbecile, Bitch, Nincompoop, Sucker, Cock, Bastard and Damn.

“Based on” includes, but is not limited to changing case, number, mood, voice, mode, part of speech, forming compound words, prefixes, suffixes, infixes, interfixes.

As an added layer of challenge, the coach may draw up a game plan beforehand and the players need to reproduce that based on the instructions. 

Localizing the word list is highly encouraged. It's considered an added bonus if the participants know nothing about Hockey.

Author Comments

The game is inspired and refers to the former head coach of the Latvian national hockey team - Oļegs Znaroks, who had a particular gift for talking exclusively in swearwords. The title is taken from a fan sign seen at the world championship.

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