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Racer • 2017 rpg

Kurt Potts •

Racer is a game about fast cars, tight cloths & family.
You’re a racer in a family. Families pull heists and protect their turf.

Racers have three stats: Racin, Talkin & Family
To start split 13 points between your stats. Stats never exceed 10.

In Racer, everyone describes what they’re doing until you’re not sure who wins. 
When this happens roll a d10.  If the result is under your stat you succeed. The difference between your roll and your stat is your style. Style can be negative.

We talkin’ or we racin’?
Can’t tell if you’re talkin or racin? If your mouth is movin you’re talkin.
If your family has your back you may roll Family.

If the roll is opposed. Participants roll their stat. 
Results under the stat are successful, you don’t crash or embarrass yourself.
Highest Style wins. lowest roll breaks ties. Still tied? It’s a draw.
The winner raises or lowers one opponent's stat by one. Opponents aren’t always enemies.

Racers live fast knowing death lurks in every corner. The only way to hurt a racer is to hurt his family. If your Family reaches 0 you become an NPC.

End of game: Racers increase one stat by one.

Author Comments

Thanks to @HyveMynd for suggesting improvements for Racer.

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