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Maslovmania • 2017 rpg

Unodus • no link

Maslovmania recommends 3+ players and a gm
gm decides setting (space, fantasy, etc)
Each player has a pyramid of needs. When a player has fulfilled all their needs, they win and the game ends. If a need is unfulfilled, all needs above it are instantly unfulfilled and cannot be fulfilled until that row of needs is complete.

[Intimacy]	[Accomplishment]
[Security]	[Health]	[Friends]	
[Food]		[Water]		[Warmth]	[Rest]

Players takes turns, going clockwise. Each turn the player makes two actions from the following:
1. Choose someone to get a need of their choice, get two needs of your choice at the start of your next turn
2. Take away someone's need of your choice, get two needs of their choice taken from you at the start of your next turn
3. Exchange needs with another player
4. Take away an action of someone else on there next turn

Actions are made in secret and shared with the gm. At the end of a turn, the players play out a scene that explains how any needs affected were changed. If the gm feels their explanation is insufficient, the change is negated.

Author Comments

eh this is based off Markovs principle of needs, if that wasn’t clear

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