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Into Balance • 2017 rpg

Chloe Sutherland •

Good or bad, the only guarantee is that your luck will someday reverse… The Universe will not bow to you. It craves only equilibrium. And sooner or later it will pull you back… Into Balance. 

This supplement is intended provide an alternative to dice rolling in systems Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA).

Convert your PbtA Stats into Gems by adding 2. For example, a +1 Stat becomes Three Gems.

Gather 35 gems in one colour and 65 in another. They should be otherwise identical. Place them all in a cloth bag.

When presented with a challenge, instead of rolling two dice, draw gems from the bag equal to your relevant Gems statistic.
You may draw blindly: If you draw one gem of the first colour, you have succeeded. If you draw two, you have succeeded greatly. (To the GM: A success is equivalent to a 7-9 result, a great success is a 10+)
You may guarantee failure: You may choose to draw only gems of the second colour for an action, guaranteeing failure to improve your odds later.

Once draw is resolved, set gems aside.

When the bag is empty, the universe is satisfied. Are you? Refill and be reborn.

Author Comments

Originally intended as an unofficial supplement for Max Hervieux’s Legend of the Elements.

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