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It's simple RPG • 2017 rpg

Randal McDowell •

Basics: Dungeon delve.
Races: Human, dwarf, elf, halfling, and fairy (add your own) 
Class: warrior, thief, healer, mage and knight (add your own)
Choose weapon or spell for each level. (GM approval needed)
Building character's, Name/race/class. Roll 2d6 for health points.
All characters start at level 1.   Characters can do or attempt anything that you would think that the race/class can do.
Gaining levels is determined by successes, 50 and you gain a level. Record successes on your character sheet.
Dungeon controller assigns a difficulty rating between 2 and 15. 
Characters roll 2d6 plus their level, if equal or higher they succeed. Character may lend half of their level to another character's roll.
Attacking; roll 2d6 for each person in combat, the higher wins, if a team vs another team or two vs one, same applies, but all winners roll 1d6 add together and that is the damage. If a group divide the damage amongst all losers.
Healing; 1 Health point an hour of rest or variable depending on spell or potion, etc.
Norbert, human/warrior level 1; 10hp
Giant snake, level 2 10hp

Author Comments

just grab a dungeon map and go! Thanks to my kids and all who try this game.

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