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Enna's friend or foe? • 2017 rpg

sopiwan68 •

Enna is a bloodthirsty Elf ranger obsessed with beheading Orcs to collect their heads. She travels the kingdom seeking their lairs. Her 4 friends decide to join together to prevent her massacre.

The kingdom is drawn on a grid sheet. Enna and the other players start at opposite corners. All five players have four skills:  Deception, Trust, Love, Compassion. Players allocate their powers randomly to their 1d4 dice. They roll 1d6 to travel across the map (1-1 square, 2- 2 square movement, etc.). The friends’ goal is to converge where Enna is to convince her to stop. Enna’s goal is to have them joining her in her killing spree. 

When a friend encounters Enna, the friend rolls the 1d4 die to determine which skill to use, followed by a roll of 1d6 to get a score. Enna does the same. The friend wins a round if their score is higher than Enna’s. If not, Enna wins.

If Enna wins the round, the friend joins her against the other players. Enna wins the game when all have joined her party but Enna’s party wins automatically when they kill 10 orcs. The friends win when all have joined their party.  

Author Comments

The game idea comes from the interaction of my current D&D character and her friends. I think it could be fun to play it more in depth.

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