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Magic for Sanity • 2017 rpg

Chance Phillips •

You have made infernal pacts for spells, but casting spells reduces your humanity. To make a character, you select a number that ranges from two to twelve. You also decide upon one of the five elements as a specialty: wood, metal, fire, water, or earth. The higher the number, the stronger your magic. Whenever you cast a spell, you succeed if the result of 2d6 is less than/is your number. Whenever you want to do anything involving common sense or social interaction, you succeed if the result of 2d6 is more than/is your number. Whenever you roll a two, you increase your number by one. When your number is twelve and you roll a two, you’ve been driven insane by your eldritch revelations and must make a new character to continue playing. When you cast a spell related to your element, your number is increased by two while casting that spell.
The referee creates/maintains the world and its inhabitants, except players. It is the referee’s job to adjudicate the world’s reaction to the players. The referee obeys the following rules, in order of importance:
     -Give players choices
     -Keep players interested
     -Remain impartial
     -Propel the narrative
     -Keep secrets

Author Comments

This RPG was inspired by Lovecraft’s investigators and the style of magic in Call of Cthulhu.

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