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Space Amoebas on Vacation • 2017 rpg

Steven Ostuni • http://stevenostuni.weebly.com/

You play as a clan of space amoebas spending a weekend on Earth. They have all sorts of wacky plans, but their actions are confined to the Three Words of Amoebus.

1.) Everyone writes their vacation goals on a scrap of paper. Fold it up and keep it a secret.
2.) Pick three words (ideally verbs) to begin with. Write them on a page that everyone can see.
3.) Describe your landing location.

1.) Roll a die. This shows how the maximum changes you can make to the words (adding, subtracting, or substituting a letter.)
2.) Apply the changes to the words (Optional, maximum of 4 changes per word.)
3.) Have your character perform one of the words’ actions. (If no coherent verbs are among them, end your turn early.)
4.) Describe how it plays out.
5.) Briefly summarize the resulting scenario for the next player. Introduce new plot elements if you see fit.

Game End:
The progression of the weekend can be measured in turns, with a length specified beforehand. Or it can end when the group decides. When your aliens return home, reveal what your goals were and laugh about your adventures.

Author Comments

Special thanks to my friends Aaron and Viveck and all the silly roleplaying games (like Everyone is John) that we used to play. Without you guys, there’s no way I could have come up with this.

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