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Strange Room • 2017 rpg

Manu Saxena • https://hollowsandhobgoblins.wordpres

Everyone makes a character consisting of a name, a profession, a talent (physique, intelligence, social skill), and a reason they want to live.

Each of you wake up alone in a strange room. You have no idea how you got there.

The first player (determined randomly) describes what they see and what they do. Any other player may say, "perhaps it's different" in response to what they see, or "that may not work" in response to an action.

With the former, the objector proceeds to say how it's different, and either the first player agrees or everyone has a secret vote to decide.

With "that may not work", everyone rolls a die. The player with the character gets an additional die for each of their relevant aspects. Whoever gets the high die gets to say what happens. If the character fails, their despair goes up by one; if they succeed, their hope goes up by one.

Once a roll has been adjudicated, move on to a new scene with the player to the left.

If anyone's hope reaches 4, they describe how they get home; if their despair reaches 4, they describe how they get forever trapped.

Author Comments

A fun and challenging exercise!

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