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A Nice Meal (For Once) • 2017 rpg

Ben Walker •

5 people are going to have a holiday dinner. Decide on your ties to each other. Everyone starts with:  0 Forks, 3 Spoons, Spoon, a random power and random goal.

Gain 1 Spoon when they are the only person pro- or anti-skub (nonsense argument)
May spend Spoon instead of Spoons to cook
Can spend 1 Spoon end an argument with no Spoon loss or gain

have 5 Forks, 
have 5 Spoons, 
have 5 Spoon

Everyone can spend Spoons to make dishes, at least 5 dishes must be made total but any person can make however few or many they want.

Go clockwise, you may either talk (spend 1 Spoon)  or eat (gain 1 Fork the person who made the dish gains 1 Spoon).
If you talk, flip a coin, you will be either pro - skub or anti skub. In 30 seconds say why. 

If everyone agrees everyone gains a Spoon. 
If anyone disagrees 3 minutes of talk you may spend 1 Spoon to change your opinion. If people still disagree everyone loses a Spoon. 
If anyone has a 0 in any category for 2 rounds, the game is over and everyone loses.

Author Comments

Thanks to Jax and Perry Bible Fellowship

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