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Blank state • 2017 rpg

Guillaume Clerc • no link

You are synthetics. High-level learning humanoid machines, built for exploration and science. Not fully initialized.

You’re aboard an endangered orbital station. This is an emergency wake-up. Your orders:
- Preserve organics’ lives.
- Preserve synthetics’ lives.
- Preserve the station.
- Explore and learn.

# GM:

When the players ask you something, answer "yes", "yes, but...", "how do you do it?" or "rephrase the question".

Describe the synthetics’ surroundings, and other people’s actions. Make them act erratically and selfish.

When a player describes something risky or uncertain, say “roll the die”.

Sometimes, ask them how they feel.

Every five minutes of play, something happens:
- Meet Dr Klik, drunk cyborg hobo.
- Polite cleaning robots believing they’re organics oppose them.
- Enhanced kitten attacks!
- An enigmatic big blue ball does nothing.
- End: the station explodes. How do they escape?

# Players :

You can have 5 skills, but start with only one: “basic programming, 5”.

Ask questions. Describe what you’re doing.

When you roll the die:
- Say which skill you use, and how.
- if a d6 roll is higher or equal of the skill value, you succeed
- if you fail, you can choose to learn the proper skill with a value equal to the rolled score. Re-roll.

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