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Anonymous Correspondence • 2017 rpg

Carrthulhu • no link

A player writes down the following themes onto scrap pieces of paper:

Science Fiction

These genres are placed into a hat. Each player draws one theme at random.

The player to have last written and posted a letter begins the game.

The first player begins by pretending to dictate some form of correspondence they have written to the player on their right. The first player creates a fictional character for the second player to role play as, a fictitious scenario and it must be written to match their theme drawn from the hat all within their dictated correspondence. The first player will sign the correspondence as "From Anonymous."

The second player does the same as the first but signs the letter off as the fictional character dictated by the player before them.

The last player will eventually assign a role to the first player.

Once players have been assigned their roles they must stay as that character for the remainder of the game.

This continues around the circle until the players have reached a satisfactory conclusion.

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