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Glass Half Full • 2017 rpg

Sarah Le-Fevre • gamesforgood.co.uk

A self-generating RPG, played with strangers, for mindfulness, kindness and other positive outcomes.

Someone finds a card in a public place. On one side are details of a quest to perform if they chose to be a player.  On the other are instructions for play.

Instructions side
Create a character that personifies a positive outcome for you. E.g. Joybringer.  Character starts with 0 points.

Write the character’s stats and skills.  For example:

Skills						       Stats
Gratitude            	             	               Happiness       	
Spreading Joy				       Depression Defense
Random Acts of Kindness		       Even temper
Create and name your levels. Decide how many points you need to achieve each one.

Perform the quests on this card.

Add the quest points to your current points total.  Allocate skills and stats bonuses as directed, or add the same numbers to your own skills and stats.

Quest side
+30 points Smile at five strangers today.  Really beam at them until they smile back.

Skill Bonus +1 Spreading Joy
Stats Bonus +1 Happiness

+25 points – create a new quest card using this as a template
+25 points – Copy the new quest and leave it in a public place. 

Make a new quest whenever you want to spread the love.

Author Comments

Ultimately, I would like to add an online forum to allow players to share their experience of playing, quest cards they have created and found and suggestions for new ways of playing to make the world a slightly nicer place for humans in small but meaningful ways.

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