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Cryptozoo • 2017 rpg

Will Gibson • no link

People have become bored of lions and tigers. Zebras? Whatever. Gorillas? Pfft. The future of zoology is with weird creatures: Sasquatches, Death Worms, Chupacabra, Mothmen. Take your limited budget, track down the leads, and bag your zoo a headliner!

Cryptozoo requires four+ players, each with pencils and paper. You begin with $1000 each. The first player, selected randomly, writes down the name of a Cryptid. Other players [the Hunters] write down an environment and type of bait; these are their conjectures.

As a Hunter, you may Research, which costs money. To Research, you must first agree to a dollar amount with the Cryptid player, and then show them one of your conjectures. They react as they see fit. You can then alter your conjecture if you want. Continue until all Hunters are satisfied.

Reveal the Cryptid. Hunters debate the merits of their conjectures, and decide who most logically catches the Cryptid.

The Cryptid player and the successful Hunter split any money spent on Research.

The successful Hunter then picks a new Cryptid and play continues.

Go until your zoos are full, or your wallets are empty!

Author Comments

Protip: Bigfoot loves waffles, and always hangs out at skate parks.

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