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Deathmatch Maze • 2017 rpg

maniospas • no link

Surrounded by enemies in a maze formed by your imaginations.

Double-six domino set
Standard deck of shuffled 52 cards
Place character tokens on an open card

   ~5 hidden cards
   ~4 dominos, arranged in Strength, Speed and Intelligence piles
Roll D6 for turn order

Each turn
Perform ONE or discard a card
   ~Place a domino: Ends can only touch same numbers (only X-X can form branches)
   ~Create obstacle: Place card on free end with same number
   ~Issue quest: One per character. Place figure on free end. Describe how to complete. Successfully demonstrate once first.

Move up to D6 + Speed
   ~Entering obstacles costs their number minus Intelligence. Can discard cards to reduce cost (figures=10)
   ~Cannot enter quests

Perform ONE action
   ~Complete quest: Discard figure or satisfy the conditions to remove it
   ~Meditate: Draw a hidden card (up to 5) and get a random domino to place in a stat pile
   ~Attack: Must be in same place as opponent. If D6 + Strength > opponent's D6 + Strength, they discard two cards

No cards means death
   ~Killed characters lose all dominos, draw 5 hidden cards and become NPCs: can only Move and Attack
   ~Killed NPCs lose
   ~Last survivor WINS

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