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The Devil on my Shoulder • 2017 rpg

Matt Eaton • no link

GM takes a deck of cards.  Remove the jokers.  Deal each player 1 face up.

Red cards are demons.  Black cards are human heroes.  Demons exist in the minds of humans.  Heroes are trying to right wrongs.  Demons are trying to prevent that.  Redeal if there isn’t at least one of each.

Each player receives 4 more cards.  These and the face up card go into their hand.

GM sets the scene and the goals.  Play begins.  

Demons cannot take actions.  Heroes’ actions succeed automatically, unless a demon challenges.  During a challenge, both players play a card face down and flip them at the same time.  Highest card wins. (Aces are high)  Discard the highest card, winner takes the lowest card.  Do not draw back up.  If a demon wins, they take control of the human, the hero may challenge later to regain control.   If the hero wins, they maintain control and succeed the action.

If a demon runs out of cards, they are banished from the hero and can no longer challenge.  If a hero runs out of cards, the demon has fully taken over the hero.  

Players may be dealt back in as the GM sees need.

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