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Translation of Cave 7 Pictographs: First RPG? • 2017 rpg

Stark Fist •

[Translator Notes]

Caveman: The Grunting

Ogg [Character] has things [Attributes]: Arms [Strength], Legs [Speed], Eyes [Sense], Bruises [Wounds]. Ogg take 12 bones [d6's], put 1 on each thing then Ogg put rest how Ogg wants on things not Bruises .  Bruises bone? Bruises Ogg has. Ogg start with 1 bruise. 

Ogg do something? Skygod [GM] tell thing Ogg use and HITS Ogg need (1 (easy) to 3 (hard)). Ogg roll bones from thing. Bones more than Ogg’s Bruises are HITS, others MISSES.

Ogg get Hits? Skygod happy, Ogg does it. Not? Skygod angry, Ogg fails. 

Throw away misses, give hits back to thing. Ogg not want to throw away missed bones? Ogg take bruise.

Thing has no bones? Ogg pass out: Ogg take bruise and rest until Skygod tell Ogg get up.

Ogg has 6 bruises? Ogg dead.

Other Ogg against Ogg? Skygod tell thing each use, Oggs roll bones, Ogg with most Hits win. Oggs fight ? Loser take bruise. 

Ogg rest? Ogg not roll bones, lose to other Oggs . 

Rest  2 hours? Put 1 bone on thing Ogg choose. Thing not have more bones than start with. 

Rest 2 days? Ogg has more than 1 bruise?  Ogg lose 1 bruise. 

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