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Detachment 626 • 2017 rpg

Chuck Dee •

Detachment 626 is a relic from a time when imaginations believed in threats beyond their science. Made up of people fighting to make a difference, tasked with a mission everyone else has abandoned. Slowly Failing.
You might wish you had said no to the recruiter, but now the only way out is feet first.
Narrate your operative's description, background, and recruitment. Decide on a Concept and a Trouble. Choose 5 skills, and assign 1, 2, and 3 between the stats: Mundane (operating in the world), Odd (operating with the supernatural), and Agency (operating in the Detachment).
When the stakes are high, choose a skill and stat. Take 2d6- one positive, one negative. Roll, subtracting the negative from the positive. Add stat, -2 if no skill applies.
> 0: Player narrates.
< 0: GM narrates.
= 0: Player narrates, GM narrates price.
Players roll dice. Each success gives the GM Downfall, which can be spent anytime to subtract one from a roll, justified by the operative’s Concept, Trouble, or current situation. The GM tracks operative statuses, and keeps them posted. An operative that takes two hits in the same conflict is in a world of hurt.

Author Comments

I’ve learned a lot about aggressive editing from those that helped me with the entry: J Fryer, P Weimer, and especially /u/TyrRev on Reddit.

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