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Fated to Meet – The Journey of Two • 2017 rpg

Guilherme DR • facebook.com/paperdicegames


- 2 Players.
- 1 Symmetric board (chess, battleship).
- A *“cover”.
- Board pieces.

Create a Character and setting where it lives in. No relation between Characters is needed. Pieces representing each Character are placed on opposite sides of the board. Add the *cover to the board so Players see only their half (think battleship).

Both Players repeat at the same time:


Player A tells Player B a Theme relevant to A’s Character.
Player B sends media(pictures, video…) representing each possible next move for B’s Character (Characters move 1 step) to Player A. All moves start unmarked. For unmarked moves, choose a media according to the theme received, and mark the board (easily done with pieces of paper). For marked moves, send the representing media.
Player A chooses one received media, and Player B moves his Character accordingly.

Until Character(s)… :

…reaches the edge of the board(Except the starting Edge): 
Something bad happens. Describe it, and reposition your Character somewhere it has been before.

…crosses the middle: 
Worlds meet, and Characters see each other. Remove the cover. Players shouldn’t be able to tell which media represents which move.

…are next to each other:  
Describe their meeting. Congrats!

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