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The Goblin Warrens • 2017 rpg

Richard Woolcock •

A band of goblins must defend their lair against bloodthirsty adventurers.


Each player chooses five d6s, representing their five goblins. Specialties are based on die color: Blue for brawn (strength and endurance), green for guile (cunning and alertness), and anything else for agility (speed and stealth).


Trait checks involve a trait (brawn, guile or agility), and a difficulty number that players must equal or exceed.

Each player rolls 1-3 of their surviving goblin dice, using the highest roll to determine success. Failure means their lowest rolling goblin dies. One goblin also dies on a double, or two on a triple.

If the trait matches a goblin’s specialty, the player may reroll that die, keeping the new result.


Adventurers are represented as colored d8s, and classified as fighters (brawn), wizards (guile) or rogues (agility). Combat is a standard trait check, except an adventurer die is rolled with the goblin dice to determine the trait and difficulty (1-8). The adventurers must be fought until defeated.


An adventure has five scenes, narrated by the GM. The first four require a trait check with a random trait and difficulty. The final scene involves fighting the adventurers (one per player).

Author Comments

The Goblin Warrens is a mini RPG based on my Saga of the Goblin Horde setting, where the players take on the role of vicious goblinoid gang bosses, fighting back against the relentless tide of humanity.

The mechanics allow players to roll additional dice (throwing extra goblins at a problem) to increase their chance of success, but this also increases the number of potential losses; if a challenge is particularly difficult, it may even be worth sacrificing a goblin and accepting failure. However the risk can be mitigated by using goblins with the appropriate specialty, not only does this give you a second chance at rerolling a failure, it can also be used to reroll out of a double or triple result.

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