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So You're Becoming A Dragon: • 2017 rpg finalist

Wendy Gorman •

So You're Becoming A Dragon: A How-To Guide for Young Tenderwings on Their Transition from Weak Flesh-Sacks into Powerful and Sexy Masters of the Sky

First off, the guide to any good transition is a mentor. Find an older dragon who’s already undergone the transformation, and invite them to hang out with you. A conversation over some food is always nice, and can help alleviate some of the awkwardness you may feel as you ask the important questions about your upcoming Change. We recommend asking the following questions (which of course, any adult dragon will be happy to answer in full):

When will my scales burst forth from my flesh and become a beautiful chitinous plating?
When can I start my first hoard?
How long until my cloaca develops?
Will my wings be leathery and supple, or can I choose feathers?
How do I influence the color of my whiskers?
How does self-pleasure work with knife-like talons?

Bring your follow-up questions! Delve deeper into their answers- pursue every implication and detail! You don’t want to go into the Change unprepared! And don’t forget to thank your dragon mentor with the traditional Tenderwing salute!

Author Comments

Yay dragons! This game was totally inspired by The Interview, by David Hertz, which you should totally check out!

Judge Comments

This entry made me smile really wide. It’s a perfect little two-player LARP, full of comedy and joy. It’s well-written, fun to read, and a perfect narrative scope for a contest like this. - Jason Cordova

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