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Ablative Soldiers • 2017 rpg

Drake Williams • no link

The players are cybernetic shock troopers manufactured by the lowest bidder. They have access to nearly any technology available, but all of it is single-use and must be discarded from their body after use.

A storyteller provides the mission the troopers must complete. Each player tracks their body components. Challenges can be resolved by either simple d100 rolls against the storyteller's difficulty, opposed d100 rolls, or troopers can sacrifice off an appropriate body part to succeed automatically and explain what the tech does to help them. The storyteller may decide the body part must be bigger to accomplish the goal, particularly if weaponry is involved. A fingertip may not have an explosive big enough to clear a room, but a foot, or a leg, may be able to. Players cannot use the same body part twice, and must track which parts have been used as the mission goes along. Players may exchange parts with each other, or salvage them from fallen cyborgs if they come across any.

If victorious, the players get to retire to a proper, durable cyborg body. Failure means their slowly shrinking shells waste away in the mission zone.

Author Comments

The baseline concept should work plenty fine in your system of choice, if you want to track HP properly along with used-up tech.

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