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All For One, the flipped RPG • 2017 rpg finalist

Ben Rolfe • @ecoludologist

One player plays the hero. The rest are storytellers, who distribute these roles between themselves:
Architect: Sets the scene when the hero arrives somewhere. Moderates movement in the space.
Historian: Responsible for backstories, items and oddities. Adds details to the broad strokes of the Architect.
Foil: Roleplays the major NPC in each scene. Assigns minor NPCs to other storytellers, giving them: Personality or mood, Desire (what they want), and Conflict (what or who they’re struggling with).
Judge: Rules on challenges and conflicts (use any game system, or none). Assigns responsibilities to other storytellers as needed.
Director: Keeps an eye on plot and momentum. Introduces events or changes locations if things stagnate.
Before play, the hero player takes ONE MINUTE to describe their hero, then leaves the room. The storytellers sketch out the plot, led by the Director, spending ONE MINUTE on each of:
>Where is the hero? Why? What occurrence will draw them into the story?
>What obstacles will the hero face? Who or what will aid them? How will the story change them?
>How does the story end? How does this reflect the changes within the hero? How does it resolve the occurrence that began the story?
Play begins!

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Judge Comments

An amazing twist on your usual RPG idea. Having one player the hero and the other players the GMs who build the story makes this a game always interesting! Creative twist that I would actually play with my friends. Inventive. Impressive. - Satine Phoenix

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