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Incandescent Wars • 2017 rpg

Nicholas MAlinowski • no link

In the beginning there was only Light, and then with a sudden implosion, Darkness grew and spread, leaving only pinpricks of Light to defend itself. In order to defend itself, the Light found a way to create Life.

You are an Incarnation of Life, the first made, in one of its most glorious myriad of forms. Your job is to stand against the forces of Darkness, so that life may flourish.

To do this, you have been given the ability to shift your form as you wish to be able to counter whatever it is the Darkness sends against you.
The System:
This is a pure battle of wits, where the players decide on what the limitations are to the battle, to what will be the end, and then determine who goes first.

The first one chooses a form, and then gets to attack. Unless you are able to come up with a counter to that form, you will take damage.

Damage is dealt in the form of the victor choosing if they want start or respond in the next round.
Once damage is dealt, forms reset and combat starts anew.   

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