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Who Am I To You? • 2017 rpg

Todd Nicholas •

Two players, each roleplaying someone in a long-term romantic partnership.

First, collectively create a thematically varied playlist of songs about relationships. 

Then, tell the story of your initial meeting, in character, like you are telling it to someone else at a party.  

Write “first meeting” on a sheet of paper and have an out-of-character conversation about your feelings about the scene. Collectively write a short description of it.

Press shuffle on your playlist. Listen to the first song, occasionally making eye contact with the other player. When it finishes, roleplay a brief moment in the life of the characters’ relationship, with the song as inspiration. Let these questions guide you:
-Where are we? What are we doing?
-How much time has passed since the last scene?
-What has changed?
-What are our conflicts? Our joys?

When the scene ends, write down a name for it. Have an out-of-character conversation about the scene. Collectively write a short description of it.

Repeat until the playlist ends or you reach a logical conclusion.

When you finish, read what you have written. Then, take turns looking the other person in the eye, asking “Who am I to you,” and answering that question in character. 

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