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Pocky Lips • 2017 rpg

the scablander •

The world got torn a new one.

* Smoking (so damn sexy, and also good at shooting)
* Cutting (hard and sharp, like a mutha-f**kin' blade)
* Clicking (understanding shit, computers, entering the Matrix-maelstrom)
Divide one of these blocks: −1, +1, +2 or −1, −1, +3
Write ‘em down.

Your hatred of other PCs?
Smoldering: −1
Like the fire of a thousand suns: −2
You pick, but tell me what they did. Write ‘em down.

Describe doing something cool and dangerous.
I hint at what will happen if you fail. Do you still want to do it?
If so, roll 2d6 + stat vs. 7.
Pass? Do your awesome thing! (e.g., do harshness)
Fail? Kiss your ass goodbye. (e.g., take harshness)
Hit 7 exactly: Both! In an order of your choosing.

If you want to mess up someone’s business when they're rolling bones, add your hatred to their dice. After that, their hatred of you gets worse by 1.
Got to −3? Get mad, IRL, for a bit. Reset to −1.

You can take 4 harshness
Smallish, unobtrusive weapon: 1 harshness
Loud, messy, and/or flashy weapon: 2 harshness
Where-did-you-even-get-that? weapon: 3 harshness
Describe the wounds. Write ‘em down.

Author Comments

My thanks go to the infamous Bakers, of course. Imitation, etc., etc.

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