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Power Chord: A Musical RPG • 2017 rpg

James Baillie • twitter.com/JubalBarca

The players are musician-mages, trapped to amuse the music gods in a carnival at the end of time. They must persuade deities to help them and will occasionally be set to fight one another in the arena.

Each player chooses a start playlist of 30 songs, no more than 10 from any genre. They pick one music genre to gain a power bonus on.

Before a battle, players each listen to a randomised playlist song. They may call “attack” or “call” on up to five lyric lines. In either case they write the lyric-spell on a card. Attack cards/spells may be used next battle only, as attacks or counterattacks. Calls may be used anytime outside battle. Calls on instrumentals give power cards that can boost either variety of cards.

Battle example of card plays:
P1: Attack with: “Sweet dreams are made of these”
P2: Counter: “I am the Walrus”
GM: “Attack is a sleep spell - walruses still sleep so it’s a poor counter. P2 successfully turns themselves into a sleeping walrus.”

Battle wins may give extra cards per song, special cards, bonus chosen genres, etc. Plot aims may include escaping the arena, gaining a deity’s favour, etc.

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