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All it takes…. • 2017 rpg

saint • no link

All it takes…. 
One roll 
One decision 
One sacrifice 
Space is dangerous. Not like in the movies, far worse than that. Humans can’t survive in a vacuum, it’s rather simple really. You were on a mission, on a spacecraft when something went wrong. Now your engines are out, rescue might be coming, but you only have enough oxygen for some of you to make it. 
To play 
Roll 1d6 and take on the character from the below list. If someone else has the role, re-roll until you get a role no one else has. 
1.	Doctor 
2.	Engineer 
3.	Pilot 
4.	Captain 
5.	Navigator 
6.	Communications officer 
As a group give your spacecraft a name 
Taking turns give your character a name, an identity. Pick one other player, describe why they would protect you. Pick a different player, describe why they would choose you to be the sacrifice. 
Each player takes a turn, arguing why they should be the one to be saved. Then each player takes another turn, arguing why someone else should be sacrificed. 
At the end, vote on who to sacrifice, when there is a majority decision the game ends, did you choose right? 

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