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Goblal Wars: No Dwarves Allowed! • 2017rpg

Enrique & Rafaela • no link

         "The following was found in a piece of parchment among Goto, the Goblin’s 
                     possessions, slayed in the Caves of Hydin by a lvl2 party."

2-4 Goblinoids.

At least 1d6, paper, somegoblin who can write.

Collect 3 shinies to win. Each player starts with 10KG (10.000 Goblins) and losesses if they ever reach zero Goblins.

On your turn, roll a d6 and do this:

1 Filthy Dwarves:
You lose a shiny, if you have none, you lose 2KG.
"Such tragedy!"

2-3 Goblin Speechery:
You must make a goblin-like speech and then roll a d6 for Goblinness. Each opponent must roll a d6 and if they roll less or equal your Goblinness you steal 2KG from them.
"Pledge to the masses!"

4-5 Village Pillage
Fight a Village that has 2KP (KiloPeople, same as KG, but disgusting).
Success: Gain a shiny.

6 Goblin War
Fight another player.
Success: Steal\gain a shiny.
"Conquer ALL the shinies!"

Fight Strategy:
Players roll a d6 to see how many KG will fight. (Can’t exceed your remaining Goblins) 
Each fighter rolls a d6, the lesser value loses a KG (forever!), repeat until an army is depleted.
Attacker wins on draws.

Author Comments

This is a competitive game where treachery and luck are tested all the time! My girlfriend and I had a blast designing and playing this the whole afternoon, we also have found out that having a Goblin Name (we were Gotonberg and Gertra) is incredible fun whenever doing your Goblin Speech.

Good luck and may the best Goblinoid take the shinies!

Enrique Wicks and Rafaela Ainsworth.