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Tears in Heaven • 2017 rpg

David Miessler-Kubanek •

Tears in Heaven
Souls at their millennial martyrdom reunion [3-7 players, 2hrs, 1d10 to roll]

Decide on theme from Bible, Apocrypha, or pop culture 

Order of Service
Communion–1hr: meet and greet
Confessions–2min each: secret revelations to players
Processional–20min: dance/event proving who should be sainted
Canonization–20min: secret ballot vote—Martyred Saint of The Millennium
Epilogue–1min each: where are they now?

Each player chooses a different Hijink for another martyr every 30min:
Pissing Contest
Stupid Prank
Remember When
Montage Time
Drunken Fight
Existential Crisis

Name Card (index card) for each martyr
Front: your martyr's name
Back: answers to questions below

[1d10]–Century martyred?
[2-3]–5th-15th—Middle Ages
[7-10]–17th+—Modernist—includes Exchange Martyrs

[1d10]–How martyred?
[1]–Brazen Bull
[3]–Beaten to Death by Hands/Object
[4]–Burning at the Stake
[7]–Eaten by Lions

[1d10; add specifics]–Most Likely to Be Canonized as Patron Saint of...

[1d10]–Remembered as a...
[1]–Pop culture icon phenomenon
[2-3]–Figure taught in many Christian schools
[4-6]–Symbol for something or other
[7-10]–Footnote in a disputed dissertation

Author Comments

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