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You're a Werewolf but it's Not a Full Moon • 2017 rpg

Pete Rude •

Your first full moon was rough, but your second felt...good. The transformation, strength, freedom, the connection to nature and friends, the songs.
It's a new moon now and you and a packmate miss the full moon. Get together over seven days to remember.
Sunday, you change: Change something about your outfit, makeup, appearance.
Monday brings strength: Destroy something. Shred some paper. Snap a branch.
Tuesday, celebrate your wild nature: Do something you've never done before. Big and important or small and minuscule- No one's watching but the moon.
Wednesday reminds you of the forest: Lay in the grass. Take a walk. Reconnect to nature.
Thursday is spent with your pack: Let your packmate know you appreciate them and will protect and support them. You're in this til the last hunt.
Friday night is a celebration: Howl and sing with your packmate. Pick a song you both love or write something new and untamed.
Saturday, you change back: Return to human form. Replace what you changed about your appearance at the beginning of the week.
The next full moon comes in a few weeks. Lycanthropy or not, every experience is transformative. You're not the same wolf you were this morning.

Author Comments

Thanks to my pack (especially Dave, who helped with editing), and any and all wolves I know. Arooo!

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