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Thank You For Sharing • 2017 rpg

Taylor LaBresh •

Friends are powerful, friends love things; make things; help you feel better about things. This game is about enthusiastic support and why we need it. 

Find one friend. One of you is Player A, one Player B.

Play: PA starts talking about [Thing] they like. 

PB: “I like the IDEA of [Thing] but…” 

PB complains about [Thing] for two minutes. Talk about how [Thing] disappointed you. Disliking [Thing] makes you feel better about yourself. It’s boring. You couldn’t get into it. The characters are too whiny. There are attitude issues you find repugnant. PB should feel uncomfortable with how mean they're being. Stay away from real reasons to dislike a thing, like racism or the money going to a shitlord in political office. 

PB, cool off. PA, write 200 words of anything: fiction, poetry, smut, fluff...

PA reads aloud to PB.

PB spends five minutes gushing about PA’s work; it's the best thing they’ve ever heard. It’s ok to shout “YOU MADE THIS? HOLY WTF ITS SO GOOD” If you’re both huggers, hug. Shout positively about how Player A’s work is amazing and makes you feel good.

Take time to discuss how you feel. Switch roles and repeat if desired.

Author Comments

Thanks to Rowan for helping me pare down words, and to the Game.Zone for all the exuberant support on everything.

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