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The faithful few • 2017 rpg

Francisco Peralta • https://www.facebook.com/sirlogan

Game is for three to eight players.

Players all work for a temple and the deity has decided that they should die, though one might be spared. Players can play solo or try to make allies with others.

The objective is to kill your opponents and stay alive. All can die (no winners), only one can remain alive.

It uses one or two typical poker cards deck with no jacks. Each player chooses a suit, mixes them and places the pile back up in front of him. 1d6 for player is used for damage.

On a piece of paper each player should write:
Character’s name, description, brief back story. The description should include what position the held at the temple and backstory how they got there, how long ago and what they used to do before.

Each round the players draw the top card. Highest begins it and so on. Even card means can attack. Odd can defend. They are not obligated to do that but must narrate if they prepare for a future attack.

Health pool is 25. Damage is calculated by the difference between the attacker and defender dice. Negative is damage to attacker.

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