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Opposystem • 2017 rpg

Ben Rolfe • @ecoludologist

The storyteller describes the setting, and how the group of characters fit within the setting, then players create their characters.

Each character has attributes and skills. The storyteller guides, and must agree to, all attributes and skills.
Players may choose any attribute, but only if they can convince another player to take its opposite. For example, if one player wants to be strong, they must convince another player to be weak. Each attribute may only be used once in the group.
Each player also chooses 3 to 5 skills. These may be narrow or broad, provided there is no overlap between the skills of any characters in the group. For example, if one character is skilled in “combat”, no other character may be. However, if one character is skilled in “melee”, another may be skilled in “archery”.

When a challenge or conflict occurs in the game, the storyteller determines the difficulty, from 1 to 5, and decides if the character’s attributes and skills help, hinder, or do not affect the challenge. The player rolls 3 dice. If hindered, the lowest die is used, if helped, the highest die, otherwise the middle die. If it exceeds the difficulty, the character succeeds.

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