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Intel • 2017 rpg

Tim Zubizarreta •

This is a covert ops game played via 4 one direction chats: Command can only chat to Comms. Command determines the op and conveys the op to Comms. Comms relays the Op adding detail including number of known hostiles and any equipment and support available to the Asset(s). The Asset(s) detail how they plan to execute the Op including if/when/how to call in support and how to leverage equipment and rolls a D6 providing the result and the full plan to Intel. Intel rolls a D6 to determine how the op progresses. If the Asset die is greater than the Intel, the op is successful. If the Intel die is greater, the op fails. If the dice tie, the op ran into complications and is not over yet. Whatever the result, Intel relays this back to Command. Command then issues new orders or determines extraction and a new opp. Basically this game is a combination of telephone and werewolf set as a convert ops command control center and its team in the field.

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