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Do You Drink the Kool-Aid • 2017 rpg

Amber Jannusch • no link

One Cult Leader, stat Zeal (5). Goal: convince Cultists to suicide (fictionally).
One Investigator, stat Alarm (5). Goal: convince Cultists to escape.
Remainder Cultists, stat Doubt (5). Goal: protect the cult.

Each turn, Leader makes Pronouncement (any statement). Investigator asks Leader and each Cultist questions about Pronouncement. Based on answers, characters’ stats change based on table. Each Cultists’ Doubt changes based on their response, Leader’s Zeal and Investigator’s Alarm change based on majority of Cultists’ response.

             Cultists Lie  Truth
Leader Lie   -1 Alarm      +1 Alarm
             +1 Doubt      +1 Doubt
             +1 Zeal       -1 Zeal
       Truth -1 Alarm      +1 Alarm
             -1 Doubt      -1 Doubt
             -1 Zeal       +1 Zeal

At end of any round, may do the following:
* Cultist attempts Flee. Roll 1d10+Doubt vs Leader’s 1d10+Zeal, If cultist’s roll is higher, they flee, otherwise, -1 Doubt.
* Investigator can Intervention one Cultist. Investigator rolls 1d10+Alarm vs cultist’s 1d10-Doubt. If investigator rolls higher, cultist escapes. Otherwise cultist -1 Doubt.

After >8 rounds, Leader can Pronouncement Suicide. Remaining Cultists have one chance to resist. Leader makes one 1d10+Zeal roll, each Cultist rolls 1d10+Doubt. Any Cultist who rolls higher than Leader resists, watches rest in horror.

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